Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in San Antonio, Texas

May 5th, or Cinco de Mayo as it's called in Spanish, is the day that Mexico gained its independence. While the parties and celebrations are large in Mexico, because of the cultural variety and intermingling, they are also huge all over Texas. San Antonio is one city where the number and variety of festivities is huge.

Downtown's Market Square is the key party place for Cinco de Mayo. Given that this square is mostly a Mexican marketplace year-round, it tends to make sense that it is also the cultural center. The festival consists of music, food, and entertainment, and delivers plenty of shops to get a souvenir of the event or the city.

Another excellent celebration place is Plaza Guadalupe. Music is performed from morning through night in this square, and the entertainment is family-centered. The eye-catching colors, sounds, and cheers will make you want to join the party as well. The festival is free of charge, and is a very popular vacation spot on Cinco de Mayo.

Memorial Library houses a Latino organization of folk dance, and on Cinco de Mayo, this place comes to life. Situated on the campus of St. Mary's University, this center delivers traditional folk dancing all year, but on Cinco de Mayo, the dancing explodes as dancers from all over Texas come here to celebrate. If you like to observe or even participate in dancing, make sure you come here on this festive day.

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