The Festivals of Spring in Peru

The springtime in Peru (fall season in the northern hemisphere) brings many celebrations and events that add additional flair for the lucky visitor. The cultural influences within Peru – Andean, Hispanic, African, and European among others – all come together in the spring to celebrate a medley of events. Those of African heritage are particularly lively.

The Day of the Creole Song (la Dia de la Cancion Criolla), held at the end of October, is a heavily African- biased celebration of music. The celebration is focused chiefly along the central coastline cities, but stretches in both directions along the beachfront as well. This welcoming of the springtime features fast-paced music played on guitar and percussion instruments, and celebratory dancing by partakers. Some of the foremost celebrations can be discovered around Lima in the center of town, but others can also be found in the Southern communities of Surco and Barranco.

Not long after this event concludes comes another, the Festival de Danzas Negras. This celebration, held in the town of Chincha, is an annual November festival celebrated by the descendants of the African slaves brought to the country. It is a main event in the country, and brings visitors from all over to be a part of the celebration. The center of the celebration is in the community of El Carmen.

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