Creating An Enjoyable Family Road Trip

Family road trips involving the little ones can be downright stressful! Too often, families fail to adequately plan for the travel time and the event turns dreadful for everyone. To ensue your next family road trip is a pleasant one, consider the following helpful tips.

1. Bring vehicle appropriate activities. Supervise everything brought aboard to make sure no water-guns or bow and arrow sets get smuggled in. Pack toys and activity sets specifically for each child that are travel oriented, compact and safe. If someone has a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, be sure to bring that too.

2. Pack a few surprises. Pick up some small toys for the children that are just for this outing. If you have a princess in the backseat, pack a new happily-ever-after coloring book or grab a sliding puzzle featuring some other favored character that will occupy their attention and let them know you took extra steps to make their long drive easier and more enjoyable.

3. For their viewing pleasure. If possible, bringing along a DVD player can mesmerize for hours and even be a great nap inducing device. Even if you don't normally permit excessive movie watching, during a long car trip this can be an absolute life saver.

4. Pass the yummies. Pack plenty of single-serving snacks, and separate them in sandwich bags for quick delivery and less bickering. Include everyone's favorites but avoid anything that may not mix well with a long car ride and inaccessible restrooms.

5. Avoid overfilling kids with liquid. Although driving in an arid car can increase thirst, the more everyone drinks, the more bathroom breaks you will have to stop for. Try giving the children small amounts of beverages in well timed increments.

6. Map out stopping grounds. Stop and let the kids out in safe, family oriented areas where they can burn off some energy. Let them yell, play tag and horse around. Time the stops strategically so that you don't lose ground and have predetermined rules regarding wandering off and talking to strangers.

7. Take advantage of nap time. Whenever the little ones are sleeping, cover as much ground as you can. The break from questions, pulling over or pulling out snacks, toys and other things should enable you to pick up speed and make up for lost time.

8. Be well prepared. Having to stop for directions or getting lost constantly will add to the stress of your trip exponentially. Do a thorough search online to verify directions or have a GPS on board. Know what pit-stops are scattered along the path you are following to cover unexpected occurrences as well as planned breaks. Make a list, check it twice and pack more than you all will need, just in case.

Keeping everyone happy, well fed and watered and otherwise taken care of on a long road trip can be quite a laborious challenge. Use the advice from this article to please all the members in your travel party and have a safe, stress free and enjoyable ride!

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