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Fredrick Custom Itinerary Country:
8 days | From $1545.00 USD
> Custom itinarary Mr & Mrs Frederick
> 4X3 Special Package Arenal Nayara - Premium Suite
> 4 nights for price of three
> 3 nights at Hilton Papagayo - All Inclusive - Oceanview- King Bungalow
> All private transfers to/from airport and hotels
View Fredrick Custom Itinerary
Goodrich Custom Itinarary Country:
7 days | From $760.00 USD
Inca Trail hike and Machu Picchu - Aqua Calientes/ transfers.
Flight to from Lima/Cusco/Lima - Peruvian Airlines / Optional.
Room and add on excursions optional expense.
View Goodrich Custom Itinarary
Rum Cay Adventure Week Country: Bahamas
8 days | From $1695.00 USD
The Rum Cay Island Adventure is a one week program to the beautiful island of Rum Cay. Your home base is a comfortable 3 Bedroom 2 Bath beachfront villa directly on the beach and in front of an abundance of coral reefs just offshore. One daily Adventure and the use of a golf cart is included in the price. This island in the southern Bahamas is famous for its beautiful beaches, reef snorkeling, diving and fishing. Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle boarding and surfing are also available. For a unique adventure expedition, Rum Cay will have you coming back for more. Sleeps 6 - 8 travelers.
View Rum Cay Adventure Week
Selinda Canoe Trail Country: Botswana
4 days | From $1760.00 USD
This canoeing and walking adventure safari navigates some 45km along the Selinda Spillway in the heart of the Selinda Reserve. Days are spent paddling eastwards, in stable Canadian-style canoes with cushioned seats, along the Spillway, viewing wildlife and bird species that may be seen along the banks. Nights are spent in fly camps (comprising dome tents with hot bucket showers and short-drop toilets) along the way. The area is well known for elephant, buffalo, sable antelope, roan antelope and wild dog, as well as some 300 bird species. Cheetah, lion and leopard are occasionally seen. The area evokes remoteness and solitude.
View Selinda Canoe Trail
Migration Routes Country: Botswana
10 days | From $4940.00 USD
This short nature- and wildlife-focused route explores the thundering waters of the Victoria Falls, the continually moving wildlife of northern Botswana within the broad vistas of the Linyanti with its wooded deciduous forests and the crystal-clear waterways and fertile green islands of the Okavango Delta. Staying in private wilderness areas and with a diverse range of activities, we follow the fault lines of northern Botswana, covering these unique and wild areas from the air, by vehicle, on foot and in mokoro, ensuring a close connection with nature and spectacular game viewing. A visit to iconic and resurgent Savute Channel is included.
View Migration Routes
Green Desert Expedition Country: Botswana
8 days | From $3480.00 USD
This magnificent Exploration contrasts the sporadic rains of the Kalahari Desert with the always-fertile islands and waterways of the Okavango. It takes place during the Kalahari's most productive season, when it receives low rains and wildlife migrates in large numbers into the desert valleys. This precious water creates a short yet incredibly prolific wildlife-viewing period with concentrations of desert species and their young in the ancient river valleys of Deception Valley. An all-day game drive (or two) in the reserve adds immeasurably to the sightings of this abundance. Then, in a stunning contrast, the vibrant water wonderland of Xigera in the Okavango Delta is explored.
View Green Desert Expedition
Botswana - Delta Adventurer Country: Botswana
6 days | From $3020.00 USD
An area of 15 000km2 filled with water channels, lagoons and islands, the Okavango Delta is known for its rich and varied ecosystem. As the world's largest inland delta, it is arguably one of the most incredible wildlife and wilderness sanctuaries and the perfect place for scenic beauty and extraordinary wildlife encounters. The Delta Adventurer is a wonderful way of experiencing this wetland wonderland and its many habitats. The first camp, Xigera Mokoro Trails, is set up on a vegetated island in the remote Xigera area, exposing the permanently flooded inner Delta. Here the islands and serene waterways enable up close and personal encounters with birdlife and wildlife, particularly those specially adapted to water. Khwai Discoverer Camp in the Khwai Concession just north of the Khwai River is where woodland meets floodplains, wetlands and grasslands. The area is home to a plethora of large mammals and elusive predators. This is the ultimate African adventure where guests will explore this unique water-filled land by foot, traditional mokoro and game drives. Your journey is rounded off with stunning aerial views of the area, not for nothing known as the "Jewel of the Kalahari."
View Botswana - Delta Adventurer
Route 40 - El Chalten to Bariloche Country: Chile
6 days | From $495.00 USD
This tour is a great option for people wanting to visit these remote and unspoilt regions of Chile and Argentina. Due to the strength and durability of our vehicles we are able to visit these areas where conventional transport in unsuitable. Let us take the stress out of the journey as we discover the vast Patagonian steppe while travelling up Argentina’s infamous route 40. We cross into the Carretera Austral (Southern Road) to explore the stunning landscapes of the Futaleufu Valley and the majestic Queulat Hanging Glacier before arriving to Bariloche where we enjoy we enjoy lakes, mountains and waterfalls.
View Route 40 - El Chalten to Bariloche
Route 40 - Bariloche to El Chalten Country: Chile
6 days | From $495.00 USD
This tour is a great option for people wanting to visit these remote and unspoilt regions of Chile and Argentina. Due to the strength and durability of our vehicles we are able to visit these areas where conventional transport in unsuitable. Let us take the stress out of the journey while you enjoy the lakes, mountains and waterfalls of the region. Discover the Carretera Austral and explore the stunning landscapes of the Futaleufu Valley and the majestic Queulat Hanging Glacier. Finally discover the vast Patagonian steppe as we travel down Argentina’s infamous route 40.
View Route 40 - Bariloche to El Chalten
Santiago Country: Chile
9 days | From $1700.00 USD
One of Latin America’s most vibrant cities, Santiago is a study in contrasts: it is home to colonial buildings and modern skyscrapers, close to not only top-notch ski resorts but sandy beaches as well. It is a traditional, friendly city that takes great pride in its order and lawfulness. As if that weren’t enough, Santiago is located in the heart of Chile’s wine country, and close to the intriguing UNESCO World Heritage city of Valparaiso, birthplace of Chile’s Noble prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda.
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