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Heaven & Soul Journey Country: Nicaragua
7 days | From $1325.00 USD
>3 nights Hacienda Puerta Del Cielo
>3 nights Casa Del Soul - San Juan Del Sur
>2 tours of your choice from Puerta Del Cielo
>Transportation throughout Nicaragua and to/from airport
>Optional Ometepe Island or Jicaro Eco Lodge overnight
View Heaven & Soul Journey
Andean Horseback Riding - Sacred Valley Country: Peru
1 days | From $170.00 USD
This horseback riding tour requires no experience. The tour is approx 8 hours. 5-6 Hours of riding. This tour will take you to ancient villages and along some of the most beautiful areas of the Sacred Valley
View Andean Horseback Riding - Sacred Valley
The Best Of Costa Rica Country: Costa Rica
8 days | From $1325.00 USD
>Rafting Pacuare River - Class IV
>Hiking the Turrialba Volcano
>Corcovado national Park & Rain Forest
>Cano Island Snorkeling
>Kayaking Hatillo mangroves
>Mountain Biking CATIE
View The Best Of  Costa Rica
Caribbean Multisport Hike Bike & Raft Country: Costa Rica
5 days | From $1290.00 USD
> Biking Santa Clara
> Biking the Caribbean region
> Rafting The Rio Toro - Class IV
> Arenal Volcano Hiking
> Samara Beach & Carillo - Pacific Coast
View Caribbean Multisport  Hike Bike & Raft
The Big Ten Explorer Country: Costa Rica
8 days | From $1275.00 USD
> Poas Volcano
> Doka Estate Coffee plantation
> Orchid Garden
> Canopy Tour at Villa Lapas
> Sky Way at Villa Lapas
> Jungle Crocodile Safari tour
> Horse back riding tour
> Coastal Kayak tour
> Snorkeling tour
> Manuel Antonio National Park tour
View The Big Ten Explorer
Biking Volcanoes & Beaches Country: Costa Rica
5 days | From $1270.00 USD
>Biking Santa Clara Region
>Rafting Toro River
>Arenal Volcano Hiking and Biking
>Samara Carillo Beach - Pacific Coast
>Biking Carillo Beach area
>Optional Snorkelling & Surfing
View Biking Volcanoes & Beaches
Pacuare & Corcovado Classic Country: Costa Rica
8 days | From $1695.00 USD
>Pacuare River Rafting - Class IV
>Raft in/out Pacuare River Lodge
>Playa Nicuesa Lodge and Tours
Fly in/Boat Transfer
>Corcovado Rainforest & Beaches
>Zip LIning and Hiking
>Snorkeling and Diving options
View Pacuare & Corcovado Classic
Four Star Multi Sport Eco Adventure Country: Costa Rica
11 days | From $2850.00 USD
>Rios Tropicales Raft in/Out Lodge experience
>Rafting Pacuare River - Class IV
>Arenal Volcano Hiking and Zip Lining
>Arenal Canyoing Tour - Basic
>Monteverde Cloudforest Hiking
>Arenal Lake Crossing
>Manuel Antonio National Park & Beaches
>Rio Naranjo or Savegre Rafting
View Four Star Multi Sport Eco Adventure
Raft Pacuare & Caribbean Classic Country: Costa Rica
6 days | From $1195.00 USD
>Pacuare River Rafting - Class IV
>Raft in/out to Pacuare Lodge
>Almonds & Coral Lodge - Caribbean coast
>Zip lining and beach exploring
>Optional day tours at each lodge
View Raft Pacuare & Caribbean Classic
Pacuare Rafting 2D, 1N Country: Costa Rica
2 days | From $390.00 USD
Two days of rafting on the Pacuare River with an overnight stay at the Pacuare Lodge.

The Pacuare Protected Zone and Pacuare River are located between the coastal lowlands and the country's highest mountain range and constitute one of the isthmus's most important protected areas. This area is still inhabited by the Cabecar Indians, whose hut dwellings are spaced far apart over large distances, rather than being clustered, as was true of most native tribes. Located strategically inside this zone of protected wilderness is our very special jungle getaway, the Pacuare Lodge, accessible to travelers through our multi-day white-water rafting tours on the Pacuare River. The Pacuare offers an adventurous ride filled with stunning natural beauty and exciting rapids.
View Pacuare Rafting 2D, 1N
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