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Though best known for its oil politics and feisty president, Venezuela is in fact an action-packed traveller’s destination endowed with an astonishing array of landscapes and experiences. Tropical beaches, vast wetlands, great rivers, idyllic colonial towns, little-explored jungle and majestic mountains are among the South American country’s varied settings. Visitors can choose from a wealth of adventure activities or just kick back and enjoy the resort experience. The clear, warm waters of its Caribbean coastline and numerous offshore islands are ideal for snorkeling and diving. The tropical lowlands harbor an enormous array of wildlife, lush vegetation and dramatic waterfalls, while high Andean peaks challenge trekkers and mountaineers.
Featured Trips to Venezuela
Angel Falls Odyssey Country: Venezuela
4 days | From $775.00 USD
>Angel Falls - Flight
>Canoeing and Hiking the Falls region
>Canaima National Park
>Devil's Canyon
View Angel Falls Odyssey
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