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Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos Islands are famous for a variety of unusual creatures, from marine iguanas to blue-footed boobies, and you'll get closer to the wildlife than you would anywhere else in the world. The Galapagos Archipelago lies 600 miles off the coast of South America and is reached via a short flight from Quito or Guayaquil, Ecuador. Discovered for the first time by humans in the 1500s, referred to as the Enchanted Islands by the first sailors, and the best argument for evolution according to Darwin, the Galapagos Islands promise to inspire you in the same way they have inspired humanity for hundreds of years.
* Genovesa
* San Cristobal
* North Seymour Island
* Bartolome Island
* Rabida Island
* Santa Cruz Island
* Floreana Island
* Espanola
* Santa Fe Island
Featured Trips to Galapagos Islands
6 days | From $3125.00 USD
>Southern Galapagos Expedition
>6D, 5N
Ruins to Reefs: Galapagos & Machu Picchu Eco Journey Country: Peru
12 days | From $2795.00 USD
The Galapagos and Machu Picchu Combo Eco Adventure is an 11 day expedition to enjoy the magnificence of the Andes with its colonial cities, Andean markets full of noise and colors, cultures, volcanoes, the tropical valleys, the modern and industrial city of Guayaquil and the unique and famous Galapagos Islands a magical and natural paradise of earth.
View Ruins to Reefs: Galapagos & Machu Picchu Eco Journey
MultiSport & Wildlife Galapagos Expedition Country: Galapagos Islands
7 days | From $4520.00 USD
A premium tour package that gives ample opportunities for incredibly close encounters with Galapagos wildlife. Kayak in turquoise waters with penguins & marine turtles, relax on white sand beaches with sea lions, trek through active volcanoes and with the giant tortoise, and snorkel in the world-class marine reserve. Your journey is lead by a team of first-rate professional adventure and nature guides, combined with top-quality adventure gear, and the unequaled hospitality of the Opuntia Lodges, make this experience the finest Galapagos wildlife adventure tour!
View MultiSport & Wildlife Galapagos Expedition
Galapagos Aboard the La Pinta - Western Route Country: Galapagos Islands
8 days | From $4935.00 USD
> Friday - Friday - 8 Days 7 Nights (Western Itinerary)
> Call us for Departure Dates & Availability: 1-866-431-3094
> April May & September Specials
View Galapagos Aboard the La Pinta - Western Route
Galapagos Aboard the Catamaran Anahi M/C Journey 1 Country: Galapagos Islands
4 days | From $1790.00 USD
M/C Galapagos Journey I will visit some of the more remote islands and cruise with more comfort than other boats in its size with great stability and luxurious interiors.

4D/3N: $1790.00 (Tuesday every 15 Days)
5D/4N: $2375.00 (Fridays every 15 Days)
8D/7N: $3710.00 (Fridays every 15 Days)
11D/10N: $5320.00 (Tuesday every 15 Days)
12D/11N: $5850.00 (Fridays every 15 Days)
15D/14N: $7420.00 (Fridays every 15 Days)
View Galapagos Aboard the Catamaran Anahi M/C Journey 1
Galapagos Aboard the Sea Man Catamaran II Country: Galapagos Islands
5 days | From $2100.00 USD
The M/C Sea Man Catamaran II has 8 large, beautiful, comfortable double cabins with windows in each cabin. 8D/7N & 5D/4N & 4D/3N Programs Available on the Sea Man II
5D/4N: April Date Available - $2100.00 Includes $50.00cr to airfare
4D/3N: April 11-14 2011 $1750.00 Includes $50 credit to air cost.

April: Dates Available $3200.00 $100 credit to air cost.
Sept & Oct Specials $1750.00 - $2150.00
High Season Departures Available - Please call office
View Galapagos Aboard the Sea Man Catamaran II
Galapagos Aboard the Galaxy Yacht Country: Galapagos Islands
4 days | From $1625.00 USD
8D/7N Itineraries starting at $3125.00 (Saturday - Saturday)
5D/4N Itineraries starting at $1975.00 (Tuesday - Saturday)
4D/3N Itineraries starting at $1625.00 (Saturday - Tuesday)
4D/3N: $1100.00
5D/4N: $1400.00
8D/7N: $2150.00
View Galapagos Aboard the Galaxy Yacht
MultiSport Island Explorer Country: Galapagos Islands
9 days | From $3995.00 USD
Discover the southern Islands of the Galapagos Archipelago on an active adventure in ways you never thought possible. Our exclusive and most popular adventure in the Galapagos combines daily kayaking, mountain biking, trekking, snorkeling, and nature exploration activities. The Galapagos Multisport Adventure is an ideal complement for any active lifestyle or adventure travel enthusiast. This is the ultimate Galapagos Island tour, where the jewels of the Galapagos are yours to discover.
View MultiSport Island Explorer
Galapagos Land & Sea Adventure Country: Galapagos Islands
7 days | From $2620.00 USD
Sail for 4 days on the M/Y Beluga and explore the Galapagos Islands up close. The island itinerary on this cruise provides a chance to go island hopping to some of the more remote beaches coupled with a two night at Royal Palm Hotel on Santa Cruz. Enjoy island time coupled with some sailing time. A perfect getaway combining the best of both worlds.
View Galapagos Land & Sea Adventure
Galapagos Sailing Aboard the M/Y Cachalote I Country: Galapagos Islands
8 days | From $2435.00 USD
Set sail aboard the ‘First Class’ schooner rigged motor sailor. This is a beautifully decorated motor/sailor recently built in 2002. Cachalote I accommodates 16 passengers in her 7 cabins: upper/lower berths and one matrimonial cabin all with private baths with hot/cold water showers, and fully air conditioned. Enjoy beautiful cruising through the dolphins and whales...snorkel with the sea lions...enjoy the scenery and volcanoes...and marvel at the colorful beaches. The M/Y Cachalote 1 is truly an adventure cruise to satisfy the senses.
View Galapagos Sailing Aboard the M/Y Cachalote I
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