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Chile's tremendous length covers a hugely diverse array of landscapes, from the desolate moonscape of Chile's Atacama Desert, to the fertile vineyards of the Central Valley, to the lush rainforests of the Lake District, down to the magnificent glaciers and peaks of Patagonia -- not to mention more than 4,830km (3,000 miles) of coastline and Easter Island. It's truly mind-boggling to think of how many different experiences and wild adventures a traveler can have in just 2 or 3 weeks in this South American nation.With easy infrastructure, spectacular sights and hospitable hosts, the hardest part is choosing an itinerary.
Rafting or Horseback Riding in the Cajon de Maipo
Skiing & Snowboarding the Andes
Rafting the awesome Futulefu River
Summiting the Orsono and Villarica Volcano
Sea kayaking along the Patagonian channels
Isla Damas Trekking in Torres del Paine
Stargazing in the Southern Hemisphere's Clearest Skies
Sailing the Quiet Fjords of Southern Chile
Traveling to the End of the World
Casting a Line for Jumbo Trout:
Featured Trips to Chile
Torres Del Paine Trek and Eco Camp Country: Chile
8 days | From $1595.00 USD
> Trek Valle Frances
> Sail to Grey Glacier
> EcoCamp Patagonia
> The Challenging 'W' Trek
> Views of Los Cuernos
> Milodon Cave

The trails around the jagged mountain peaks in Torres del Paine form one of the world's most classic trekking routes. This active trip leads you through forest, mountain ridges and Patagonian steppe and allows you to relax with food & wine at EcoCamp Patagonia in the evenings
View Torres Del Paine Trek and Eco Camp
Overland - Santiago to Bariloche Country: Chile
9 days | From $1095.00 USD
Our journey begins in Santiago, the cosmopolitan capital of Chile, from where we head south to explore Chiles wine region, with its wonderful vineyards that produce some of the world's finest wines. We continue travelling south through the Chilean and Argentinean Lakes Districts taking time to discover the endless forests, alpine lakes & startling waterfalls that are abundant throughout the area, and spend time in two of Chile and Argentina's premier adventure destinations.
View Overland - Santiago to Bariloche
Overland - Bariloche to Santiago Country: Chile
9 days | From $1095.00 USD
This tour begins in Argentina’s premier adventure resort, Bariloche, our base to explore Argentina’s Lakes District and the stunning Nahual Huapi National Park. We then north into Pucon, located in the heart of Chiles Lakes District, and home to the impressive Villarica Volcano. After some time exploring this beautiful region we head north to explore the vineyards of the Maipu & Colchagua Valleys before arriving into Santiago, the cosmopolitan capital of Chile.
View Overland - Bariloche to Santiago
Easter Island Country: Chile
4 days | From $0.00 USD
>Travel to Rano Raraku, a quarry with almost 900 stone statues, 397 of them still lying or standing at the slopes of the extinct volcano with a crater lake.
>Visit Ahu Te Pito Kura the “Navel of the World”.
>See Ana Kai Tangata cave with cave paintings.
>Private Excursion to Akivi to see the restored Ahu Akivi with 7 Moais, built in the middle of the island.
View Easter Island
Overland - Wine, Dine & Dance Country: Chile
14 days | From $3295.00 USD
This is a jouney of indulgence! A chance to combine your passion nature and the outdoors with your love of fine wines and great food! We will explore Chiles capital, Santiago, and the nearby Maipu Valley wineries before we head across the Andes and into Argentina. Enjoy hiking near Mount Aconcagua, the highest in the Andes (6962 m.a.s.l) before we arrive to Mendoza, Argentinas premier wine region. We will spend 4 days at the historical Estancia Potreros enjoying an authentic ranch experience before arriving to Buenos Aires where we experience the passion of tango.
View Overland - Wine, Dine & Dance
Overland - El Chalten to Ushuaia Country: Chile
13 days | From $2055.00 USD
Explore remote Southern Patagonia on this 13 Day adventure. Discover some of South Americas finest national parks including the Los Glaciers National Park, home to some of the worlds most stunning ice formations, Torres Del Paine National Park famous for its granite pillars, lakes and mountains & Tierra Del Fuego National Park, located in one of the most Southern regions of the world. This is a tour of overwhelming natural beauty!
View Overland - El Chalten to Ushuaia
Overland - Ushuaia to El Chalten Country: Chile
6 days | From $2055.00 USD
Beginning in Ushuaia, the most southerly city in the world, and home to the beautiful Tierra del Fuego National Park, we head north to explore the remote Southern Patagonian region. Visit Torres Del Paine National Park, famous for its granite pillars, lakes and mountains and Los Glaciers National Park, home to some of the world’s most stunning ice formations. Be amazed glaciers, mountains, forests and lakes abounding in this truly captivating part of the world.
View Overland - Ushuaia to El Chalten
Basic Torres Del Paine Country: Chile
4 days | From $0.00 USD
Torres del Paine National Park was declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 1978. Located between the Andes and the Patagonian steppe; this area includes the colossal granite towers and horns of rock that gave it worldwide fame, with heights up to 3050 meters above sea level.
View Basic Torres Del Paine
Escape To Patagonia - Puerto Natales Country: Chile
4 days | From $0.00 USD
The town sits on the shores of Seno Última Esperanza, 250km northwest of Punta Arenas via Ruta 9, and has some striking views out over the mountains. It is the capital of the province of Última Esperanza and is the southern terminus of the ferry trip through the Chilean fjords.
View Escape To Patagonia - Puerto Natales
The Green Patagonia - Aysen Country: Chile
8 days | From $2430.00 USD
This Patagonian area holds different cities, small towns, National Reserves, rivers and lakes with marvelous landscapes. The area has wild vegetation and native animals; its topography turns it in a pleasant place to practice different activities and sports: fly fishing, kayak, trekking, bird watching and plenty other more, in the most uncommon and untamed destinations in the planet. Discover this region trough the Austral Road, virgin forests, unique glaciers, colorful sunsets and much more.
View The Green Patagonia - Aysen
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