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Yates Australia 71112
South America
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$6750.00 (double / per person)

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Days: 18

Trip Overview:
Sydney / Outback / Great Barrier Reef Cruise / Cape Tribulation

This Adventure Includes:
Lodging and Taxes as outlined
Services and transfers as outlined
Tours and taxes as outlined
Meals as outlined

This Adventure Does Not Include:
Certain meals
Personal effects

Service Level:
Four Star Level (The Four Star service level features deluxe suite, 4 star accomodations. Some meals may be provided. Programs feature private guides and customized personal adventures.)

Physical Demand Rating:
4 (Demanding)

Departure Info:

Additional Trip Notes:
Intrepid Terms and Conditions - Please read
Travel insurance is compulsory for all travellers – it is your responsibility to ensure this is taken out when your client books.

Intrepid also have an ultimate packing list on their web site – for all tours so not all may be may be relevant. Essentials: good walking boots, cool clothing for days, something warm for evenings, sun hat sunscreen and insect repellent. Have a small day pack for water and camera during the day. Pack luggage in a soft sided bag and limit to 10 kgs/22 lbs for the 3 day tour.
Must read please:

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