Does Nicaragua have Fast Food?

If you've planned a trip to Nicaragua, or are thinking of a trip there, you might be wondering what their cuisine tastes like. After all, we all are acquainted with areas in the world where the cuisine sounds scary if not downright repulsive. You can't just collect 14 days worth of microwave meals and toss them on the plane. So what's it similar to? Here's a concise synopsis of the cuisines of Nicaragua.

To start with, Nicaragua's financial system is increasing nicely, and that means overseas ventures. And with overseas ventures come the Americans, and their chains of fast-food eateries. In the capitol of Managua, there are almost as many McDonald's eateries as there are local eateries. There are well known café names if you're nervous about having Nicaraguan cuisine.

Nevertheless, there's no need to be fearful. The cuisine of Nicaragua is a flavorsome balance of Spanish, Creole, and Garifuna principles which the majority of people from the southern U.S. are previously familiar with, specifically around the Gulf of Mexico. The foods are made from meats like beef, chicken, and seafood, therefore there are not many odd starter ingredients. To that, the locals add a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables cultivated right in the area, and flavor it with nearby cultivated herbs, roots, and spices. The main difference is the way every one of these ingredients are blended together and served. You will be nicely amazed at how fresh and delicious the dishes are.

As far as sweets, the two local favorites are Cajeta de Coco and Tres Leches Cake. The first is a combination of yucca plant and coconut that has been caramelized and shaped into long, glass-like threads. The second is a cake that has been saturated in cream, evaporated milk, and condensed milk. Both are exceptional if you desire to sample something local.

As far as drinks, rum and beer are the alcohols of preference. It is simple to find international types of beer if you don't feel at ease with the Nicaraguan local brews. Non-alcoholic drinks are made mainly of fresh fruits blended along with milk or yogurt. Like numerous foreign countries, it's safest to not sip the water if you're not positive that it's purified. Also, make sure to order your drinks with no ice.

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