Travelling the Roads of Nicaragua

Driving in Nicaragua is a very dissimilar experience than traveling in the US, and travelers and travelers should realize that before traveling along the Nicaraguan countryside. As a general law, there are only a small number paved roads, mostly main highways, and yet those are in bad condition. Secondary roads, if you can even think of them as that, are not paved and rough, containing potholes and hazards, unlit, and have no shoulder.

Driving in the countryside is done on the right-hand side, just as it is in the U.S. Travelers are warned that when traveling to Costa Rica or the Honduras for the duration of their stay in Nicaragua, they should go across the borders at the main border-crossing sites, Las Manos and Penas Blancas. Traffic laws are incredibly diverse in the country as well. Motorists involved in a fender bender in which someone dies is instantly arrested until the reason of the accident can be discovered. You must never move a vehicle involved in the fender bender until the police get there or the accountability automatically falls on the individual who changed the position of the vehicle.

As the government is investing money for infrastructure, including upgrading roads and bridges, the rainy season keeps on taking its toll on the highways. Even the best roads in the nation have hazards that can bring about an accident. Tourist to the nation are fiercely advised to carry insurance, be positive their vehicle is in full observance with Nicaraguan transit law and to always have a cell phone in case your vehicle gets stuck has engine trouble in the countryside. Better yet, visitors are advised to hire a trained driver acquainted with the roads in the wilderness and let him ferry you from one place to another. Never ride on a public transit bus, as they are in poor condition and rife with criminals.

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