Enjoy Your Road Trip With Your Kids

People often dread the thought of taking a long automobile trip with their small children. But with proper planning, you and your children can enjoy your road trip and arrive at your destination with little stress and strife.

First of all, be sure to bring along activities that your children can do in the car. If they are old enough to read, bring some books. If they love to draw, bring a pad and pencil. Older children may enjoy playing word games, and they can bring those along. You can even bring along bingo sets that are made specifically to be played in the car. This is a fun activity that all the passengers can enjoy. If your children have handheld video games, such as a Gameboy or DS, these are perfect to help keep them occupied. Older children may also want to bring a portable music player with headphones so they can listen to their favorite tunes on the road.

Purchase a DVD player that you can use in the car. Some work with batteries, while others can be plugged into a cigarette lighter or an inverter. Bring along DVDs that your children can watch during the ride. This is sure to keep them occupied for hours. Just make sure that the sound from the DVD is not too distracting to the driver.

Bring along plenty of snacks. You cannot stop every time one of the children is hungry, so make sure to bring sandwiches, raisins, cookies and other snacks that can keep your children's hunger pangs at bay. Also bring along some drinks. Juice boxes work well, especially for younger children. Otherwise, you can get bottles of water or other beverages with screw on caps that can help prevent spills.

However, be sure to monitor the amount of liquids that you children consume. While you do not want your children to be thirsty, you also do not want them to drink too much. Otherwise, you will find yourself stopping more frequently than you might like for bathroom breaks.

Plan to stop every few hours so that everyone can stretch their legs. This is beneficial for all the occupants of the car. Try to stop at rest areas with grassy areas where your children can run around for a few minutes and release some of their pent up energy. Some rest areas have picnic tables where you and your family can share a meal or a snack. Before you head back out on the road, make sure that everyone visits the restroom, so you do not have to make another unplanned stop.

If you do not mind driving at night, you might want to consider doing the bulk of your driving after dark. Your children will likely doze off in the back seat, allowing you to drive in peace and quiet without the distractions that your children can cause when they are awake. It will make the time pass more quickly for the children too, as they will be asleep for much of the ride.

Traveling by car with children can be fun. All you have to do is plan well, bring plenty of things for your kids to do and stop for a break every now and then. If you do these things, you are all likely to enjoy the ride and reach your destination in good humor.

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