Touring Texas

Austin is a great place to visit and there is always something to do in the surrounding towns. Check out the Inner Space Caverns, a cave that was unknown for 10,000 years. You can explore the cave and see the amazing formations located deep within the ground. There is also a gift shop, snack bar, and children’s area where you can search for gemstones.

After that visit the Wonder World Park at 1000 Prospect Street in San Marcos. Here there are many attractions including a cave created by the Balcones Fault line. Or you can check out the Tejas Observation Tower which rises 190 feet in the air and permits you to see the surrounding hills and break off points that show the fault lines.

Take a voyage on a train to the Texas Wildlife Petting Park where you can see deer and many other critters that hang around and wait for the train. You will pass the waterfall on the journey to Mystery Mountain. There is also an anti gravity house where water runs uphill, it is sure to be something you have never seen before.

Make sure that you travel to lake Travis, located in the Central Texas Highland Lakes. The lake is over 63 miles long and has some awesome coves where you can anchor for a swim or fish. The lake allows wakeboarding, waterskiing, and sailing too.

An awesome site is the Congress Street Bridge, where every year from March to October you can see over one and a half million bats fly out from under the bridge at sunset. From there it is on to Mt. Bonnell where you can see lake Austin from 300 feet above, it is truly a breathtaking site.

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