Essential Items For Your Car

One very inconvenient fact about accidents and emergencies is that you never know when one is going to happen. Although the space is readily available in vehicles, very few people carry anything in their cars that would help them in case of emergency. Simply by preparing an emergency readiness bag and storing it in your vehicle, you could save your own life or the lives of others in a dangerous situation. This article is meant to give you some simple items to carry in your car at all times, but especially in the event of travel.

The first item that should be in every car is a flashlight. If there is some simple repair that needs to be done to your vehicle, it is almost impossible to do it in the dark. Putting water in the radiator or attaching a battery cable would be very tricky to do without a light source, but with a flashlight can be done in no time. Even if you are completely incapable of car repairs, a flashlight can help you find your way to town or signal to drivers as they pass by or to rescuers in extreme cases. Imagine the things that might escape your grasp for want of a simple flashlight. At just a few dollars, there is no reason not to keep one in your trunk.

Although most batteries give you some warning before they go out, sometimes we leave our lights on and drain the battery. If you keep a set of jumper cables with you, being stranded in a parking lot could be a lot less painful and a lot less expensive. Furthermore, if you have a set of jumper cables with you, you might get the chance to play hero to some other stranded motorist. Once again, the benefits of this simple item far outweigh the cost associated with it.

Although it can be bulky and smelly, you should consider carrying a gas can with you. If you were to run out of gas, you may be able to walk to a gas station, but if you had a gallon or two in the back, you could save yourself a trip.

Carrying a tow strap takes up almost no room. These straps can be wrapped up and carried in the wheel well with your spare tire. If you ever need a tow, or need to be pulled out of a ditch or mud puddle, this strap could make it possible.

In the event of a major breakdown or accident where you may wait for hours on end, it is a good idea to have a first aid kit, water and snacks. The first aid kit will allow you to mend minor wounds sustained in an accident and the snacks will make any wait you have much more pleasant.

Although this list may make it seem as though your trunk will be filled with emergency gear, the fact is that these items will take up very little space. Although the possibility of you finding yourself in a situation where these items are necessary is quite low, imagine your chagrin if you find yourself in need of these items but do not have them. Keep yourself safe, carry your safety net with you at all times.

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