Going Over the Bend

With a name like Big Bend, should it belong anywhere but Texas? The West-Texas region is home to both a national park and a state park, and is a very popular destination for travelers from throughout the world. The area can be challenging, difficult, and even deadly if the visitor doesn't plan ahead. Take into account what you expect to do when you get to Big Bend so you can make sure to plan appropriately.

The area of Big Bend is very diverse, so it's important to know what area you plan to visit. From the Rio Grande on one side, to the Chisos Mountains in the middle, and Chihuahuan desert covering most of the park, climate, weather, and territory can change drastically from area to area of the park. Knowing where you plan to spend your trip can help you pack weather-appropriate clothing, supplies necessary for survival in the remote region should you get waylaid, and select routes for hiking and sightseeing.

The mountains in the middle provide a challenging climb, but offer scenic vistas once on top. The Rio Grande obviously offers plenty of water-related activities, and even rapids to enjoy during certain times of the year. There are thousands of miles of trails for horseback riding, hiking, biking, and sightseeing over terrain from desert sand to craggy mountainsides, and everything in between. The Rio Grande can be a focus week of its own, with rafting, canoeing, kayaking and tubing available to the vacationer.

Pick your location, make your plans, gather your supplies, and head to Big Bend for a enjoyable experience.

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