Planning a Granada Family Vacation

Not many people place Granada at the top of their list for a family vacation, but they should. This town is scenic and diverse, meaning there's always something for every family member to experience. The quaint colonial town provides a rich history and fantastic learning experience for the children. Tourism hasn't taken over this town yet, so the feeling is relaxed and at ease. You may tour the city on foot or by horse-drawn carriage. Museums and markets help pass the time during the hottest part of the day.

Just outside the city is some excellent family entertainment. There is a zip line that runs through the jungle at the base of Mombacho Volcano that will surely be a family pleaser. If zipping overhead is a bit too adventurous, the family can also take a leisurely cruise around some of the hundreds of islands on Lake Nicaragua. The cultural centers in town also make for genuine awareness of the people and their rituals and beliefs.

Hotels and restaurants vary in cost and accommodations, which gives visitors many choices when staying in Granada. The chic upscale hotels such as the Hotel Casa San Francisco are countered by thriftier choices so you won't break the bank. Restaurants are much the same. There is upscale dining all over the city, as well as pizza parlors and local delis around the town.

While staying in Granada, a drive to the town of Masaya is essential. This town, known for its markets and shopping, will overwhelm the visitor and delight the children. The residents of this town are known for their artistry, and they display it all over the town. Once the shopping is over, get in your car and drive to the top of Masaya Volcano, an active volcano that lets you motor right up to the rim and look down into the sulfur-filled crater.

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