Highlights of Texas Living

Texas offers some great schools, especially in the San Antonio neighborhoods. There are a multitude of opportunities for scholarships, both in sports and military. San Antonio is one of the oldest cities in America, and boasts a rich fusion of the old South and Mexican traditions.

One of the top tourist destinations in Texas rests in San Antonio; the Alamo. Built in the 1700’s the Alamo began as a mission, but later became famous for the 1836 battle during the Texas Revolution. Residing in Texas is a great cultural experience, especially San Antonio. Many of the old buildings have been changed in to art studios and shops. There is also a Missions National Historic Park where you can go to the other missions besides the Alamo.

Make sure you check out the river walk and other attractions around the area. The river walk takes you past many culturally themed shops and there is even a Hard Rock Café along the walk. The Historic Market Square is the biggest market for Mexican goods in the whole state, and has some marvelous silver and turquoise jewelry for sale.

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