About Houston Festivals

Aside from the wide variety of activities to do and see in Houston, there are many special events and festivals that take place over the course of the year that are worth viewing if you get the opportunity. Better yet, choose a few of your favorites and plan a trip or vacation close to them for an unforgettable time. From music to food to nostalgia, Houston has it all.

There are plenty of food and music festivals that take place throughout the year in Houston. For the finest in food, get into town during the Houston Barbeque Festival. This yearly event is a showcase for beginners and pros alike to share their unique, secret barbeque sauces and have them critiqued. In addition to the variety of sauces, the meat is just as varied, so the all-around festival has something for each and every barbeque lover. There are several classes of sauces to be judged in, and the winners get bragging rights for the whole year. The event happens on the last weekend of June each year.

Remaining in the food theme, there's also a wonderful Southwestern Food Festival that happens in August every single year. This gala showcases the finest in southern foods, from barbeque to Tex-Mex to gourmet delicacies. Visitors to the festival find that the flavor and assortment of genuine Tex-Mex cuisine is much broader than they've been exposed to outside of the area, and it is genuinely a culinary encounter as well as a cultural one.

For alternate entertainment festivals, travel to the Great Gatsby Festival, Southwest Music Festival, or the Film Festival. The Great Gatsby is a celebration of the way of life of the 1920's, which includes dress, music and dancing appropriate to the era. The Southwest Music Festival, as its name implies, is a March presentation of the rising stars in western music, and the band listing changes every year. Ultimately, to be on the cutting edge of film and the entertainment business, you must go to the Houston Film Festival, which showcases films with a southwestern theme, and is growing in recognition yearly.

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