How To Have The Perfect Road Trip

Hitting the open road is one of the most pleasurable and memorable experiences that a person can have in their lifetime. With careful planning, it can go off without a hitch. Learn how to avoid some common mishaps, and relieve the stress and boredom that can come from being inadequately prepared.

Resist the urge to "wing it" and plan your route carefully before departure. You can always deviate from it if a whim hits you or a special moment draws you off course, but always start with a plan. Know where you want to go and what route you will take to get there. Calculate the mileage and know what the good stopping points are. Do not push yourself to get further than you are physically able to drive while being comfortable and alert.

Make sure that your car is optimized for long distance travel, with tires that are in good shape and filled with the appropriate amount of air. Check all fluids and have extra bottles of oil and coolant on hand in case you need them. Take a look at brake lights, windshield wipers and brake pads. Nothing will ruin your trip more quickly than a flat tire or a breakdown in unfamiliar territory.

Always pack your car the night before you leave, in order to make sure that you are not forgetting something in the rush of the moment of departure. This will ensure that you leave on time, with no frayed tempers or stressful departures. remember to pack pillows and blankets, as well as car toys for young children, and snacks for everyone. Put suitcase in the rear, away from passengers, to avoid being cramped and uncomfortable. Make sure every traveler give you their suitcase the night before, so that you will know if downsizing is necessary. Also, remember to pack small overnight bags that can be easily carried into hotel rooms after long days of driving.

Do not rely entirely on GPS or mobile mapping devices for directions. Bring along an old-fashioned paper map of the places you will be traveling to and through, in case you do not have electronic coverage or your battery loses power.

Be aware that the road causes drowsiness over long distances, and you should plan who will drive at what intervals. Designate a tag-team of partners who will be awake at the same time, making sure that the driver does not doze off. Roll down windows for fresh air, and avoid driving late at night. Keep conversation lively, and have snacks on hand to break the monotony of long distance driving.

Bring along a kit equipped with clean-up items, such as wipes and paper towels, as well as a trash bag for accumulated paper and snack wrappers. Another item to have tucked away in your wallet is an extra car key. You do not want to get locked out of your car and have to call an expensive locksmith.

Plan carefully with these tips, and then relax and enjoy the journey. Take the scenic routes when you can, and delight in the open road.

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