Nicaraguan Elections Breed Anger and Distrust

Having just been effected by a recent revolution and the removal of a widely hated government, Nicaragua is currently beginning a fresh upheaval. A nation having merely 20 years of democracy under its belt, Nicaraguans are discovering that corruption and greed can infiltrate democratic countries as well as dictatorships, and they are starting to speak openly regarding it.

After helping overthrow the Sandinistas in open elections in 1991, the U.S. was on good terms with the latest government, and many countries were providing aid to the relatively poor nation to keep its democracy alive. Now that strains are starting to rise and the future of democracy looks to be in trouble, many of those same countries have started scaling back or stopping all aid to the nation, pushing it further into destitution. The Nicaraguan government has started being hostile concerning the U.S. government, and U.S. industries are beginning to be reluctant to invest in any new business in the region.

The disintegration of the nation began in November 2008 following local election and officials began talking concerning the misdeeds in the organization. Soon following that, the Supreme Court of Nicaragua decided that its former leader, Daniel Ortega, wildly disliked by the Nicaraguan people, could try for re-election in the upcoming 2011 race. Quickly the population began to be suspicious of the entire governmental organization, and have now begun performing protests and fostering rhetoric to new pinnacles.

Accusations of removing democratic freedoms are being hurled at the present government, as are suggestions that they are trying to impede media access and regulate the reports exiting the nation. All of this, combined with the swiftly growing poverty level of its inhabitants, has made most to think that violence will happen in the nation before the 2011 elections. Opposition groups and human rights organizations have become gradually more vocal concerning their disapproval with the state of the government in Nicaragua.

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