Including Date Nights on Your Family Vacation

Family vacations are a great way to create good memories that will last a lifetime for your family. Consider including date nights on your vacation using the following tips to maximize your memories as a couple as well.

Budget for date nights when you're planning your vacation. Even if you stay one night less at a resort or if you decide to forfeit one expensive outing with your children, plan on saving money for a date night or two with your spouse.

Ask your hotel or resort to help you find a babysitter ahead of time. Try to obtain a few names so that you have a few choices and try to contact them ahead of time to help you decide who to trust with your children.

Look for special locales for your date night before you leave on vacation. Try to choose a spot that is unique to where you'll be vacationing rather than dining in the resort or assuming that you'll find a restaurant once you arrive. Try to make a reservation for a specific night for your date night. You should avoid an outdoor locale that is dependent on good weather.

Pack a dressy outfit to wear on a date night with your spouse. Dressing up can make an ordinary occasion feel more special and you can choose to pack at least an outfit to dress up on your date night.

If you are traveling outside of the country, make sure that you arrange to have a cell phone so that you can stay in contact with a babysitter while you're out. Don't rely on hotel phones to connect you to your room but make sure that you bring the hotel phone number with you. You can also let the hotel desk know that you'll be out and provide them with an emergency number if they need to contact you.

Plan your date night for earlier in the evening so that you and your spouse are not tired the next morning when your children get up early.

Have someone take a photograph of you and your spouse out on your date night. A picture can be a wonderful reminder of a romantic evening together.

If you are vacationing with another person or couple, do not include them on your date night. A date night by yourselves should be the goal for your night out, not a night of socializing with others.

Don't try experimental menus on your date night which can frequently produce an upset stomach or discomfort. You want to experience you date night not an unusual menu that can end up leaving you feeling sick. Similarly, do not drink too much when you're out on your date night.

If you're leaving your hotel for your date night, take a car service or cab to your destination so that you don't have to worry about getting lost or about having an alcoholic beverage on your night out.

You can carve out a special experience for you and your spouse on a family vacation. Use the tips above to include a date night as part of your family vacation plans.

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