Investment Pros and Cons for Nicaraguan Real Estate

Investing in property in Nicaragua may not be quite as profitable as it was in the past, but can still be a huge bargain, especially if you choose to eventually re-locate there to live. The country of Nicaragua is beautiful, with its tropical climate, alluring beaches, historic colonial cities, and towering mountains and volcanoes. Tourism is alive and well in the country, crime is low, and flights to and from the US are frequent.

Nicaraguan land can be considered a smart buy for many reasons. The Foreign Investment Law gives equal footing to indigenous and foreign investors. There are special benefits for retirees living there. Inflation is low, and the nation is investing in infrastructure, including the recent upgrade and modernization of the Managua International Airport. Plus, the magnificence of the nation, combined with its colonial history and architecture, make it very alluring to investors.

Despite the benefits, there are still some potential cons to buying Nicaraguan land or real estate. Legally, owning property in your own name is the safest bet, although considerations are made for businesses. Taxes are still paid, but primarily to the municipality in which the property is located. Many prestigious title insurance companies are now making their presence felt in Nicaragua. This, combined with easing restrictions on finance options, is making it simpler to purchase and own land in Nicaragua, but it is still not an easy process.

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