Key Facts for the Country of Peru

The country of Peru is located along the western coast of South America. It is a contrasting country culturally, geographically, and topographically. Here are some fascinating facts about this increasingly popular tourist destination:

• There are three distinguishing geographic regions that divide the country – coastal, eastern hills, and the highlands.

• The country has free public education, and all children are ordered to attend. The country has a 90% literacy rate.

• The average life expectancy is just under 70 years.

• Most of the population of Peru is Roman Catholic, and the first spoken language is Spanish.

• The population of Peru is about 28 million people. From a population standpoint, the country ranks 19th.

• The country’s natural resources include natural gas, petroleum, gold, copper, silver, coal, and iron ore.

• Ethnically, the population of the country is made up of primarily of American Indians, Hispanics, Europeans, and Africans.

• Peru’s national sport is soccer.

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