Making the Most Of Your Road Trip

Some of our favorite vacations are those when we are in the car for what seems like countless hours. Your kids will remember these for years to come. This gives families plenty of time to spend together and grow closer to one another. Here are some excellent ideas to make the most of it.

If you will be taking a road trip one of the first things to decide is whether you will rent a car or take your own. There are several factors to compare. For example, if you own a Prius or any comparable hybrid, taking your own car will save you a lot on gas, and, as such, save you a good amount of money. This money in turn can be spent at the destinations along the way.

Contrarily, renting gives you the peace of mind that you are not tacking on the ton of miles on your primary vehicle. At the same time, renting might offer you a larger more comfortable vehicle as you will be spending a lot of time in it!

Another great idea is to plan out your sight seeing before you depart. This will allow you to maximize your trip. If you just stop as you see things you will miss a lot! But if you research online before heading out, you will discover many different points of interest in many different locations. You can then decide where the family will have the most fun before the trip even begins.

Some favorite road trip memories involve bringing all sorts of snacks. So take each of the little ones to the store and let them choose a few treats for the trip. This can be chips, fruit snacks, cookies, or whatever they would like. Let this be the one time they can really splurge!

As seen on TV, it can get really annoying when the kids start with the "are we there yet" chants. If your road trip is a multi-destination monster, your kids will likely be monsters too! Ensure that you have brought along ample entertainment for them, and your life will be much more relaxing! This can be anything from word searches to portable gaming systems or DVD players. The more, the merrier.

At this juncture there really is not much left to do except to actually depart and begin enjoying yourself. One fun rule to try while on the road is no sleeping. Try to keep everyone awake because one of the joys of a road trip is all the different sights you will see as you drive compared to flying. This can give older kids and teenagers a different perspective. Of course, on a longer trip no sleeping may be impossible, but it can still be a fun game for a period of time.

Sometimes, traveling is more about what happens along the way, not what happens when you finally get there. Sure this might sound cliche, but you will find that your road trips may build memories that last longer than the end destination itself. So pack a few snacks, and hit the road Jack!

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