Merrymaking in Nicaragua for the Holidays

Although almost any time is a good time to visit the country of Nicaragua, for an extra-special touch, try to be there for one of the many holidays in the country. The cultural perspective on these events by the locals is different from what you've experienced elsewhere, and can be a lot of fun if you slow down and enjoy your visit there. Even traditional U.S. holidays like New Year's and Easter take on a different flair in Nicaragua. Here are some of the events you may want to see.

As already mentioned, New Year's celebrations and the religious ceremonies around the Easter season are wonderful. In either case, participating in the festivities can give you a real flavor for how others celebrate these events, and it can be both eye-opening and fun. Since most U.S. businesses observe these holidays too, getting the time to fly down and participate shouldn't be a consideration.

Summer is when the celebrations unique to the country begin, with July being an especially active month. On the 19th, Nicaraguans celebrate Liberation Day, with all the fervor and excitement you would expect from any other similar national holiday. On the 25th, Fiesta de Santiago begins. This festival is only held in three cities - Managua, Boaco, and Somoto. However, the next day is the Fiesta de Santa Ana, and four different cities participate in this festival. Between the two events, it should be easy to join in on at least one of the festivals.

September brings the Battle of San Jacinto celebration. It is a national holiday. The next day, the 15th, is Independence Day, and is an important holiday for the people of this country. If you are in Granada in October, the whole month is devoted to the celebration of Mes del Rosario. And in Masaya in October, the Festividades de San Jeronimo is celebrated on every Sunday during the month.

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