National State Parks of Texas

Texas Hill country offers a great place for a relaxing vacation full of outdoor adventure. Even if you do not have a lot of leeway in your budget, taking a camping trip in Texas is not very expensive. Texas also offers a great deal of lakes where you can fish and enjoy boating. If you do not like camping outdoors in a tent, or in your RV, check out Inks Lake State Park. The park will offer lodging with air-conditioning in the guise of a small cabin. If you'd like to go hiking make sure you visit Fredericksburg, Texas where you can hike Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Enchanted Rock is the home of a large pink granite stone in the semblance of the dome. It is famous with the Indians of the area who believe it contains mystical powers.

Many hikers come here to tour the rock, which is over 1800 feet in the air. You can try other parks like the Devil Sink Hole, or Kickapoo Cavern's, each one has its own unique setting. Texas is a great vacation destination, overflowing with fun things to do. All throughout the year Texas State Parks have activities and hiking adventures for both adults and children. Some offer bicycle rides for the children, and classes that will instruct you about fly-fishing.

Make sure that you go online to do your research and decide which state parks you would like to visit. You can narrow them down by the activities they provide, or free services they will be having over the course of the month.

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