Nicaraguan Tourism

As a vacation spot, Nicaragua continues to be a rather unknown to vacationers, and this has created a wonderful chance for environmentalists and wildlife lovers to discover the wilderness easily minus the impact of masses of travelers. The golden-white beaches of the Caribbean Ocean in the East and the gold sand beaches of the Pacific Ocean in the West, the unspoiled forests and tropical jungles that remain untouched, and the rugged splendor of volcanic mountains and crater lakes make this country a virtual gold mine of natural splendor. Needless to say, the government, and now new travelers, are beginning to notice its untouched splendor as well.

With Costa Rica on its southern border, Nicaragua has been able to keep under the radar for travel spots. At the moment, however, as Costa Rica becomes more and more invaded with tourists, more are looking for the peace and quiet they used to experience there, and have found Nicaragua right nearby. The native people welcome travelers with open arms, and the landscape and topography have not been wrecked by high-rise hotels and gaudy casino signs.

The government of Nicaragua has started to grasp the advantage of the pristine condition of their country, and now actively promote it to the world as an ecotourism jackpot. Outdoor actions such as hiking, biking, climbing, and camping have started in a big way at this point, and the substructure that's risen to assist those visitors is even now not large in scale or design, retaining the "undiscovered country" theme.

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