Packing Efficiently For Light Travel

If you need to save time and money on your travels, pack only the necessary items. Read this article before you start packing.

If you are going to take the plane, pack a carry-on bag. Airlines have different policies regarding the weight and size of carry-on items; make sure you give them a call or look up this information on their website before you pack. In most cases, carry-on bags are free but you could be charged for every bag you check. Some airlines allow you to have a carry-on item as well as a laptop or a small handbag. Measure your bag carefully and weigh it before leaving for the airport and do not hesitate to buy a small bag or briefcase if you need to: it will still be cheaper than to have your bag checked in some cases.

Do not bring more items than you will need. You should plan your outfits ahead of time and restrain from bringing any additional items. Find out if you will be able to do laundry while you are on vacation. Bring a bar of soap to hand-wash a few items if necessary. Avoid bringing too many accessories and remember that you are on vacation to relax and have a good time, not to impress anyone. You should also plan your activities ahead of time and pack items you know will be needed. For instance, take a good pair of boots if you want to go hiking. Check the weather before you leave so you know what kind of clothes will be appropriate.

There are a lot of things you can leave at home and buy once you reach your destination. Since you are not allowed to bring toothpaste, shaving cream or any kind of liquid on a plane, plan on buying these items once you arrive. You will get a chance to visit a local supermarket and save money by not checking a bag. Some airlines will let you take small containers or liquid; these travel-size items can be found in airports but are usually overpriced. You could also buy a few clothes once you reach your destination. These clothes will be more adapted to the weather and will help you blend in. Besides, they will make great souvenirs once you come back home.

Dress comfortably and do not display too much luxury. If you wear expensive clothes or bring a complete set of fancy luggage, you might find yourself in dangerous situations depending on where you are traveling. When you go abroad, you become an easy target for crooks since you are not familiar with the area and might not speak the language. Avoid attractive attention by dressing simply, taking pictures discreetly and looking like you know where you are going even if you are lost. This is why buying clothes and accessories in local stores will help you blend in.

Use these tips the next time you travel anywhere. Go over the content of your luggage and ask yourself if you really need every item.

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