Packing Light is the Way to go

Sometimes, we want to pack as little as possible both for the monetary savings and for the convenience. However, a lot of times no one has really ever guided us how to make it on the bare essentials. This article will offer some much needed guidance on packing and traveling lightly.

For starters, only allow yourself one carry on which is approximately twenty pounds. This is absolutely essential. As each airline allows a carry on and doesn't charge you will maximize your savings, and minimize your expense. As an added bonus, you will not have to wait for your luggage at your destination, and you will not have worry about lost luggage. I have always found this to be far less stressful.

Really consider each item thoroughly and ask yourself do I really need this? For example, you may have brought along a pair of lounging shorts for those times you are just hanging around the hotel. Maybe you could just hang around in your boxers, and save that space? You would be amazed at some of the things that people pack with them, so carefully reconsider any of the items you plan on taking.

Be ready to only take what is absolutely necessary and buy whatever else you may need when you arrive at your destination. All those travel size items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, and deodorant can be bought at a local dollar store or pharmacy. This will save you plenty of space as you plan to pack lightly.

If you will be using a carry on, try to find a convertible rolling back that turns into a back pack. While it may only be 20 pounds, lugging it around in due time will become strenuous. Having it convert into a backpack will maximize your comfort and not make you regret taking only a carry on.

The most obvious piece of advice that can be offered is to pack less clothes. If you will be gone for a week, for example, pack two or three days worth of clothing in that carry on. Most hotels have a laundry service or laundry facilities. Simply wash your clothes every few days and you will never know the difference.

Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. This will save valuable space in that carry on bag. You want to only pack about 2/3 to 3/4 of your bag so you have some extra space for souvenirs to bring home. This will allow you to save extra room, or pack that extra fancy shirt for a night out. For those with the luxury, consider vacuum sealing your clothes, and this will save an enormous amount of space. You can always iron your clothes in your room. Just be sure you can have them resealed upon departure, as they will surely expand when you take them out!

To travel lightly is to travel with less stress. It is financially and logistically less burdensome. Try it out, and you'll find a more hassle free trip, which in short means more enjoyment.

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