Packing Tips For Your Next Big Trip

Packing is typically the last thing anyone wants to do prior to a trip, and because of this, people are often inefficient and even unsafe with their packing choices. Here you'll find some important tips to help you pack the right way.

Split your valuables between multiple bags, and, if you are flying, carry on your most valuable items. When your valuables are spread out, you are mitigating your risk to your valuables being lost, stolen or broken. If you put them all in one suitcase, and that suitcase takes a sudden fall or it is lost in transit, then you will have lost everything. This is especially true for any trip that involves a form of transit where the bags leave your hands for extended periods, like air travel. In fact, in these instances, placing those valuables in your carry-on luggage is the smart choice since you will have more control of your valuables.

Keep your important documents in a bag that stays closest to you, and scan all documents into a digital format prior to leaving on your trip. Documents like passports, licenses and visas may seem like simple pieces of paper, but losing them can make it tough to get home, especially during international travel. Pack the documents in a bag that you normally keep closest to you. You could even invest in some way to protect those documents from water damage for extra protection. As a back up, digitize all of these documents and email them to yourself and your closest family members and friends. If something happens to the documents during your travels, you can reach out to them and they will be able to help.

Invest in small bottles in which to pack any toiletries. Many forms of travel, especially air travel, now have rules and regulations surrounding any large containers of cremes and other liquids. This is for your safety, but it does mean you need to pack accordingly. Otherwise, your big bottle of shampoo will be thrown out during check-in. Many drug stores sell small, FAA approved bottles in which to store your toiletries.

Make suitcase dividers out of cardboard. To keep organized on a budget, thick cardboard can be a real help in your packing. You can utilize it to section out your clothing and other items, so your clothing will be less apt to be detroyed by heavier objects. Plus, you'll be ready to enjoy your destination much quicker upon arrival since unpacking will be fast.

Place your shoes in ziploc bags when packing them. You should do this for a few reasons. First, it helps keep order to your packing; your shoes won't be taking up as much space as they would if they were just thrown into the bag. Second, it keeps any shoe odors from spreading around your packed clothing. No one wants to smell like a shoe when they first arrive at a destination. Lastly, it keeps any dirt that may be on your shoes from transplanting to your clothing, so you won't need to wash you clothes upon arrival.

Yes, packing can be a daunting task, but with these tips you can be much more efficient, and even safe, about it. Try them when packing for your next trip, and you'll find that traveling may be much less of a hassle!

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