Peruvian Vacations and a Timely Travel Plan

You’ve been on many retreats before. You know all about travel arrangements, packing and the local lodging situation. That’s great if you’re traveling in the U.S. or Western Europe. But if you plan on vacationing in Peru, there are several details you must keep in mind. Failure to do any of these things will cost you extra time, money, and/or frustration until they are resolved.

Flight plans may seem overly obvious, but there are nuances for Peru. Many international flights land in Lima daily, but your trip may not be as clear if you’re heading to the southwest part of the country, the northern beaches, or the northern ruins. Since few airlines fly within Peru, prices can be high, especially to popular tourist destinations. Try and plan your trip out completely, day by day, to get a better travel package. Also keep in mind that the Peruvian Tourist Centers are very disorganized, so do all your homework before you leave.

Presently, Americans don’t need a visa or travel pass to enter Peru. They will have to fill out a declaration form on arrival, and pay a departure fee when they land. You will need a passport to get back into the United States, so make sure you have one, as well as plenty of other forms of identification placed in several locations in case you get robbed or lose one.

There are no vaccination requirements to enter Peru, but it is a foreign land and has a jungle, so you should probably get boosters for some of them like Tetanus, Hepatitis A, Yellow Fever and Typhoid. It wouldn’t hurt to get a few others recommended by your doctor as well, including rabies, diphtheria, and tuberculosis, as these can be rampant in Peru. Also, don’t forget to fill prescriptions and take them with you.

Finally, regardless of what other clothing you pack, make certain to have comfortable hiking boots and a heavy sweater. Many of the best attractions in Peru require walking or hiking to get there. Also, since you could be going from the beach to the upper regions of the Andes, the temperature change will be severe, so a sweater is essential gear, even if you never have to use it.

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