Popular Shopping Destinations in Dallas

For several individuals, shopping isn't just a necessity, it's a hobby. If you're one of those individuals, one of those who shops for the entertainment or the excitement of it, then Dallas is exactly where you want to be. The Dallas-Fort Worth region is famous for its shopping malls and centers, and they cater to everybody from the very rich to the very thrifty.

If you're a thrill-seeker, you need to head first to the Galleria. This upscale mall is acknowledged worldwide, and several celebrities from around the country and the world make it a point to come here to do their shopping. Apart from containing all of the posh stores you would find in New York City — like Saks Fifth Avenue, Gucci and Kenneth Cole, among others — you also get the extra excitement of seeing a famous actor, singer, or athlete while you're there. The ambiance and the mood will add to your excitement level when you arrive to shop.

One more excellent mall in the Dallas region is the Allen Outlet Mall. Unlike the Galleria, it is not full of high priced clothing and jewelry, but rather is a refuge for those desiring to locate a significant bargain on name brand merchandise. The center is one of the biggest of its type in the country, and nearly every main name brand and merchant has an outlet center here. So no matter if you want a new Coach purse or the most recent Nike shoes, Allen Outlet Mall will offer the best chance for you to find them at a respectable price.

There are many other indoor malls in the Dallas area, all equally as fun and varied as the Galleria and the Allen Outlet Center. Vista Ridge, Stonebriar, and Town East Malls are but a couple of the others around the region. If you are more of an "open-air" customer, then the Firewheel Mall is for you. This outdoor shopping center has all of the same luxury and name brand stores as its indoor counterparts but offers you the ability to get out and take pleasure in the fresh Texas air between stores. Plus, if you get hungry or require a shopping break, the Firewheel also has over a dozen high-quality restaurants, and a movie theater complex.

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