Tour Texas by Train

For a calming tour through the state of Texas, why not go on a train? Trains are an excellent way to unwind and let somebody else deliver you to your destination without the hassle of flying. Plus, you can take in the vast assortment of scenery as you travel across the state, something almost impossible to do by car or airplane.

There are two distinctive trains that operate in Texas that can be fun for the whole family. One is called the Texas State Railroad and passes through east Texas from Rusk to Palestine. The passenger train is pulled by either a restored steam engine or an antique Alco cab diesel. The stations at each end of the line have managed to hold on to their 1800's fashion look and feel, adding to the authenticity of the journey. The wilderness covered is picturesque and offers children a possibility to see what old-time train travel and accommodation was like.

The other distinctive railroad in Texas is the Austin Steam Train. This train is intended more for excursions than travel to a destination, but it’s just as entertaining nonetheless. Passengers can pick from three levels of luxury — coaches, which are open-window train cars, excursion cars that have heat and A/C, and finally, lounge cars, which are climate-controlled and have snacks available also. Once again, it's a fantastic teaching encounter for the little ones, and adults will have a good time remembering the smell and sounds of the trains they grew up with.

If you want to add an additional level of fun to your train trip, plan to go on Halloween or Christmas. There are unique train rides and events that occur for the duration of these two holidays. The Halloween tour consists of a kid's costume judging contest, a lot of candy handed out, and ghost stories in the darkened cars. At Christmas, the train travels to the town of Burnet, where all of the residents are dressed in outfits and the city is properly adorned to resemble Bethlehem during the time of Christ's birth. There are even domestic farm animals like goats, chickens, and cows, roaming the streets for additional authenticity.

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