Forget Houston...No Way!

Houston is Texas's biggest metropolitan region. With its population of over 2 million people, array of corporate headquarters, and busy urban way of life, it may be tough to imagine at first that there would be much for a tourist to do in Houston. That would be incorrect. In spite of its contemporary outward look, Houston is an entertainment mecca for the entire family.

One of the largest draws for vacationers in the Houston region is the Johnson Space Center. This area not only houses a big collection of space history, but is also an interactive playground where the total family can feel the pleasure of space expedition and relive the experiences of the astronauts. The children in your family will find it intriguing, while the adults will find it to be nostalgic.

To make your visit more "cultural," go to the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Natural Science. The science museum includes a planetarium and can be a fantastic educational experience for every person in your family. The Fine Arts museum holds an assortment of popular artwork and 18 acres of gardens. If history is your pastime, go to the San Jacinto monument southeast of Houston and enjoy the spot where Texas gained its freedom.

Finally, don't pass up two very special family points of interest in Houston - the Houston Zoo and the Houston Aquarium. The zoo is right beside the Natural History Museum, making the combination a fun day trip. A lot of species of unique animals, as well as native species, are located there. The aquarium is located right in downtown Houston and has rides, restaurants, and entertainment in addition to the half-million-gallon aquarium experience.

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