The History of Nicaragua

Spain entered Nicaragua in the 1500's and quickly founded it as a settlement. The inhabitants of the nation quickly became devastated due to disease, deportation, and slavery by the Spaniards. Granada was founded as the colonial head of the nation, and was one of the beginning communities constructed in the Americas by the Europeans.

Nicaragua continued as a colony of Spain until 1821, when it stated its independence. Britain however controlled the Caribbean coast, however slowly gave up rule throughout the next couple of decades. In 1838, Nicaragua declared itself as an independent republic. Soon afterward, a U.S. entrepreneur named William Walker set his sights on appropriating the nation and having the US Government occupy it as a slave state to support the South. Subsequently, Nicaragua was in the middle of a civil war during this. Walker did succeed in gaining dominance over Nicaragua, however he quickly lost it as soon as he tried to invade Costa Rica. Walker finally left the nation, however was executed in Honduras shortly thereafter.

The majority of the 20th Century was framed by the rule of the Somozas; beginning with the father and then his sons. By the close of the 1970's, unrest amongst the populace exploded into a rebellion, and eventually the Somoza dynasty stopped by means of the Sandinista army. Once more, the U.S. played a role in Nicaragua's past, via training and arming objectors to combat the Sandinistas and their rule of the nation. Ultimately, a peace agreement was brokered, and in 1990 the nation held its first democratic elections. They have moved forward ever since.

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