Reasons You Might Choose To Fly Rather Than Drive For Your Family Vacation

One of the first decisions you'll make about your family vacation is whether you plan to fly or drive. Many people assume that if their vacation destination is a certain number of driving miles away that they will drive. Before you assume that driving makes sense for your family vacation, consider some of the challenges of driving to your family vacation spot.

Consider fuel prices in the area you are and in the area you are going to. While many fuel prices are in the same range, there are fluctuations that can add significant costs to travel. If you have an older or smaller car you may also want to consider whether you will rent a car for your travel plans to make travel easier. You will also want to determine what the gas usage on a larger vehicle might be.

Consider the condition of your vehicle. If you are unsure whether your car will hold up for traveling consider what you will do if you have car problems. While some car problems can be taken care of fairly easily, such as a flat tire, if your car has a more serious problem, it can negatively impact both your vacation experience and costs of your vacation.

Consider whether you are susceptible to getting speeding tickets when you drive long distances based on your own driving experience. Rushing to vacation can result in a speeding ticket that will at the very least end up being inconvenient. If you are a driver who tends to be heavy on the gas, driving to a vacation spot may not be for you.

You don't want to be tired when you arrive at your vacation spot. Your family will likely be ready to get started on vacation fun once you reach your destination. If you have been driving a long distance your energy level is likely not to match theirs which can negatively impact your vacation experience.

If you are staying at a resort, consider whether you really need a car when you arrive or whether looking after your car in terms of parking is only going to be another thing to worry about at your vacation spot.

Calculate whether the savings you hope to achieve by driving are less valuable than the additional time it will take to drive rather than fly to your vacation spot. If you only have a week of vacation then you might choose to maximize time that you are on vacation, rather than traveling to and home from vacation.

Determine whether your children can get along with one another on a long car ride. You do not want to spend your family vacation refereeing bored or unhappy children in your car.

Driving to nearby vacation spots can save some money but driving to vacation destinations that are many hours of driving away may not make sense for your family. Use the considerations above to determine whether it makes sense for your family to fly to your next vacation destination.

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