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Taking trips in your RV is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and see the destinations while still maintaining some of the comforts of home. Any time of year is a good time to take an RV trip in Texas because the weather in Texas is great almost year round. Taking an RV makes road trips fun and sensational. Especially if you are travelling around Texas where there are a lot of state parks to stay at.

You should plan on visiting as many Texas state parks as you can to enjoy the great natural beauty. Texas has more than 120 state parks to choose from, and all of the campgrounds permit you to park your RV for a couple nights or more. nearly all of the Texas state parks have electrical and sewer hookups for your RV to plug in to. If you don’t like staying in the RV you have other options because there are great hotel facilities around the state parks.

Late fall is a great time to visit Texas because they have some of the finest wine makers in the region. You can sip fine wine all day and take part in tours while you eat bread and cheeses. They are also known for the National Museum of Funeral History, where you can see hearses and coffins from all over the world. Texas is also home to the ArtCar museum, found just off of I-10. This museum was built in 1998 and has many different types of cars, from lowriders to cop cars, and the cars are always different.

Take a break on Post Oak Boulevard near the Galleria shopping center, here is a 64 foot water wall where thousands of gallons a second fall. This is a popular spot for photo shoots and weddings, or just to take a break and cool off.

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