Escape to San Antonio and South Padre Island

An Island of Enjoyment

South Padre Island, on the Gulf of Mexico in Southeast Texas, is a popular vacation spot for every person from college students on spring break to families looking for some enjoyment in the sun. Regardless of which group you fall into, or if you're somewhere in between, the island has plenty to offer. Rent a cabin or bungalow along the beach, and make it the centerpoint of your time on South Padre.

For the family, the several miles of beach become home. With the kids splashing in the waves and building sandcastles, parents can relax in the sun or under some shade, read a magazine and relax. For those times when the family is tired of playing in the sand, the island offers a wonderful sea turtle experience called Sea Turtle, Inc.. It's a hands-on experience for the entire family to learn more about the endangered species. Laguna Madre is a wonderful boardwalk-style nature hike. And for the peak of entertainment, there's a South Padre version of the Texas-famous Schlitterbahn Water Park on the island as well.

If you're on spring break, or getting a break from the kids, finding a large multi-bedroom property is the way to go. Most have large central areas for chatting and game-playing, with separate bedrooms off to the sides. Run down to the beach for some sun, surf, and sand, wave-running and para-sailing. Later on, jump on a Destination Cruise and do some sightseeing and shopping, or go for a horseback ride through the island's interior.

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