Saving For a Peruvian Getaway: This Trip is Worth Every Penny

A vacation to Peru can be costly and not something everybody can afford to do. But if you ever get the opportunity and can save up the money, the trip is worth every penny. Peru is a land unlike many others, with a wide variety of terrain, fascinating ecosystems, and an profuse of artifacts and ruins from civilizations centuries old. Whether your interest is outdoor adventure, ancient history, or the general beauty of nature, Peru holds something exciting for you.

When you make the journey, there are at least a few especial areas you must visit to call your vacation complete. The first, and probably best known, is Machu Picchu. This ancient fortress, built over six hundred years ago, still remains partially intact, and is a spectacular sight. Trips to this area can be accomplished by hiking (a four day trek), or via bus or train for a day trip. Outdoor enthusiasts will want to take the hike, as there are many other memorable sites along the trail. For those desiring to see a lot of Peru in a short period, bus or train is the best bet.

Sometime during your visit, be sure to head up to Lake Titicaca, the highest lake that can still be accessed by boat. Among other exciting facts about the lake, it is home to the Bolivian Navy. Aside from the lake’s elevation, it is absorbing because of its islands, many of which are man-made using reeds that grow along the perimeter. These islands are essentially floating reed mats, and have been dwelt within by natives for hundreds of years. For extra adventure, you can arrange a stay in a home on one of these islands. Plus, other islands on the lake contain a plethora of ruins and artifacts from before the European conquest that are accessible to visit on day trips from nearby towns.

Finally, determine on taking some time to visit Colca Canyon, the Amazon jungle, and the Andes Mountains. All can be fascinating vacations in and of themselves, but if you’re hindered on time or money, you must at least travel to see parts of these regions before leaving. Colca Canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon, the Andes Mountains have peaks over 18,000 miles high, and the jungle contains some plants and animals that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

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