Celebrate Halloween in Texas

Even Halloween seems to take on larger proportions in Texas. The state claims the largest Halloween parade in the United States. Also, it's home to the largest Halloween-themed park in the world. Top all of that with a sprinkling of frightening venues throughout the state, and you've got a spooky holiday line-up. Listed here are a couple of the more notable ones.

If you're in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there are a couple of events you may want to visit. Dallas has the Scaregrounds, which contains three haunted houses. Fort Worth has a number of its own: Cutting Edge Haunted House and Boo at the Zoo. Cutting Edge claims to be the biggest haunted house in the country, and very creepy. Boo at the Zoo is exactly the opposite. A lot of family-friendly fun, candy locations, and stage shows throughout the zoo.

In Austin, go see the Nightmare Factory or head downtown for the 6th Street Halloween. The Nightmare Factory is for the serious thrill-seeker, with maze-like pathways. It boasts the title of "Scariest Haunted House" in Texas. The 6th Street Halloween is a Mardi Gras-like event for residents who line up for blocks along the street dressed in costumes.

Also in the state is the family-style hosting of Six Flags over Texas in Arlington, Terror on the Bayou in Jefferson, and Nightmare on Grayson in San Antonio. All offer varying levels of thrill, so everyone from children to kids-at-heart can find something to do. Go get your fun on in Texas.

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