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Beyond the typical world-renowned destinations in Texas lies another layer of things to do and see. Popular activities in the state and surrounding states often don't get mentioned due to the size of the Texas "things to do" checklist. But here are a couple of the exciting places to go that deserve to be talked about and visited.

There are several fantastic water parks in Texas, each worth at least one day of your time. Schlitterbahn, recently named Travel Magazine's best water park, is an amazing place to stop. The park is actually split into two parts, old and new. The old part features muddy river water tubing rides, while the newer part houses the modern water park amenities like slides, lazy rivers and, also a water roller coaster. This unique ride not only lets gravity do its job by carrying you down the slides, there are water jets along the way that propel you back uphill only to come back down again. The water-coaster by itself is a wonderful reason to go, and when the other features are added on top, it's simply a "must-do."

If little children and chlorinated water aren't your cup of tea, you can still enjoy some relaxing time on the water floating on an inner-tube down the Guadalupe River. The courses are somewhat mapped out, with time on the river ranging anywhere from one to four hours, depending on the path. You can bring your own floatation device or rent one at the upper end of the river. It can become a quiet, relaxing, family day of relaxation, or a get-away-from-it-all hiatus, depending on your desires.

If you don't want the water at all, but still want a thrill, head outside the city of San Antonio to the San Juan Mission. Where the railroad tracks and the road meet, ghosts of children are said to live. The sightings and stories started many years ago, after a busload of Catholic school children got stuck on the tracks, only to get hit by a train. The children still haunt the area according to local legend, and any automobile that is stopped on the tracks will be pushed off by the ghost children.

Pick your level of thrill.

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