Taking the Trip of Your Life with your Furry Friend

Because boarding costs can be prohibitively expensive, many are opting to take their furry friends vacationing with them. Though it is not as simple as taking your pet along and leaving, a few simple steps of planning can be done, and you can have a tremendously fun trip with your family pet!

If your pet will be stuck in a vehicle for any extended periods of time, make some sort of arrangements for its comfort and safety. For example, always leave the windows cracked enough, so that the car does not get too hot inside. The interior temperature of a car left in the heat can exceed 125 degrees Fahrenheit, and this sort of heat can be lethal to your pet. Also, make sure to leave plenty of water in the vehicle, so the pet has access to water. You may even think about using a battery operated fan to keep your pet cool during your absence. If you will be staying in a hotel, then try to find one that will accommodate your pet. Some hotel chains like Motel 6 are actually welcome pets, and don't even charge a fortune to do so! Each hotel differs and has its own policies regarding pets. Some will require deposits, and others won't. Do your research first, so that when you get to your destination, you don't have the surprise of finding that either your pet is not welcome or is that a large deposit is required.

Some of us, myself included, have more exotic pets. While we are in the land of the free, there are still some laws limiting the pets we own. For example, wolf hybrids are illegal to have in certain states. If this is your pet, you may either have to play it along as a Husky, or even plan to board your pet. Certain snakes are illegal in certain areas as well. Check the Internet and call local law enforcement officials to make sure you won't get yourself into any trouble. Though it may seem obvious, there may be many out there who don't remember the obvious. Planning a trip can be hectic, and sometimes we forget the simplest things. We've all been on that vacation where we forgot a toothbrush or something just as mundane. So as a reminder, remember to bring food and water bowls along with food and treats for your pet.

The hotels that do accommodate pets are usually very specific that if your pet is to remain in the room by itself at any point, it must be kenneled. This allows hotel staff to clean the room and go about their business without fear. So be sure to bring a kennel along for those times when you are out enjoying your destination.

Having your furry loved one along on a trip can add to the enjoyment factor. You don't have to sleep in a strange hotel room all by yourself, because your pet can keep you company. With the right preparation and planning, a vacation with your pet can exceed any other in terms of fun and comfort. This article offered some tips to help you achieve that.

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