Texas Beach Hot Spots

Not to be overlooked when planning a trip to Texas is its hundreds of miles of coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. Several individuals don't consider Texas as a beach hot-spot, but there are tons of natural beaches along its eastern border welcoming residents and tourists alike. Even if you don't spend a complete week here, plan on spending many days relaxing and discovering the shore line. There are several pleasant surprises concealed on the Texas coasts.

Corpus Christi is one of the more well-liked locations that comes to mind when considering Gulf coast beaches. The area has mile after mile of white-sand beach, and the water is scattered with sailboats. The marina in the city is home to quite an assortment of sailboats as well, and many can be chartered for a day or part of a day to go out on the gulf waters and appreciate the view or get some fishing in.

Just off the coast of Corpus Christi is Padre Island. This is a national seashore that is effectively maintained and remote. Individuals who get to visit the island find it hard to explain, and several people cannot think of another spot anywhere in the world to compare it to. If you visit Corpus Christi, make it a point to get out and see Padre Island.

Galveston is another excellent vacation spot for beach-goers. The island is far more commercialized than other parts of the Texas coastline, but that also means there's more diversity and variety. The area provides not only magnificent beaches, but a full culinary cross-section of great restaurants for meals, plus excursions and tours of other area attractions, both on land and water. Galveston offers more than just a beach for families that want to make a vacation stay in a single place, it offers an adventure.

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