Texas Lake

Just outside of Dallas is a big man-made lake that's gaining popularity with locals and tourists alike. It's called Joe Pool Lake, and it was constructed by the Corps of Engineers in the late 80's. The lake has three parks surrounding it, and offers everything a large lake should have.

Cedar Hill is one of the parks along the side of Joe Pool Lake. It is a state park, and contains bare bones campsites to full RV water and power connections. It's a fun place for camping, as most state parks are, but can get crowded at certain times of the year. Loyd Park is a city-run park, but also offers camping sites. Lynn Park, the third surrounding the lake, offers no campsites, but is a fun daytime park none-the-less.

If you like boating, Cedar Hill and Lynn Park are your parks. Both have marinas and entry ramps, and both rent storage spaces at their docks. There are other boat ramps scattered around the lake as well if you want to avoid the marina atmosphere. But these can get busy, especially in the morning and at night, so again, planning is essential in order to enjoy the day.

Of course, any place along the perimeter of the lake is great for hiking or fishing. Catfish, bass, and crappie are all stocked, so there's a lot of potential action and plenty of good eating. If you don't like to fish, grab a walking stick and take off for a leisurely walk or energetic hike.

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