Texas Trips and Beaches

If you're considering taking a Texas vacation to enjoy the seaside, think about Galveston Island. Galveston Island contains over 30 miles of beach, and waterfront. There are many different areas around the beach designed for activities, but there are a few rules. If you're visiting Galveston Island you will not be allowed to stay overnight or have a fire. You're not allowed to drink beer on the beach, nor have any drinks stored in glassware. If you do like to drink you can go to the East beach which allows alcohol to be brought. Make sure your animals are appropriately leashed, and do not walk on the sand dunes. Galveston has security so these rules will be enforced, and the security officers can be found wherever you look.

Another beach you may want to check out his East Beach this is one of the biggest beach areas in Texas and is located on Galveston Island to the East. You can rent big umbrellas and chairs to relax under, and they also offer showers after your swim. There is a bar located outside on the beach and they hold volleyball events all through the summer months. A word of warning, people get loud and raucous, and the beach is open from 9 to 5 and until seven on weekends. In order to gain entry you will have to pay eight dollars per vehicle.

Another area you'll want to check out is Steward Beach. They offer a playground for the children and is similar to East Beach except they do not permit alcohol. They're looking for free parking go to Seawall beaches; this is the place to go if you're looking for only an open beach, with no bathrooms or showers. These are just great open beaches with plenty of waves and water.

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