The Native and European Flavors of Peruvian Cuisine

Some favorite dishes of the Peruvian people fuse native vegetables with meats from Europe. The Spaniards introduced lamb, poultry, and pork to the inhabitants of Peru over 500 years ago. The combinations of local essentials such as potatoes, rice, and hot peppers like aji and rocoto with the meats from Europe and local seafood have led to a wide variety of flavorful dishes enjoyed not only in Peru, but around the world.

One of the choice known dishes from Peru is Ceviche. A combination of raw fish mixed with local citrus, the seafood is then topped with peppers, onion, and garlic to contribute to its lively flavor. The entrée is often served with fresh corn and sweet potato, sliced cold.

Another quite popular dish around the world is parihuela. It is cooked similarly to French bouillabaisse, with a variety of shellfish cooked in a rich broth. Completely distinct in preparation but equal in popularity is a food called chicharron, a mix of deep-fried lamb or pork served with an onion salad and rice.

With the renewed interest in tourism around the South American rainforests, the flavors of Peru are finding new popularity around the world. Whether one of the dishes mentioned here, or others like rocoto relleno, lomo saltado, papa la huancaina, or cuy, tourists and visitors to the country find a wide variety of flavors to adore. Those considering a vacation or rainforest excursion in Peru, will be more than a little elated at the excellent flavor and variety of this multi-cultural cuisine.

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