Just Outside the Big D

Allen, Texas, a small town of not even a hundred thousand people, has been promoted as one of the top one hundred small cities by Money magazine, and is just a short drive outside of Dallas. The area was highlighted because of its well-planned layout, great school system, and community amenities. It is a close-knit community that focuses on the residents and their lifestyle.

The new "town center" for Allen is in an area called Watters Creek, a development built in the style of multi-use, downtown style. Open-air restaurants and shops fill the streets, and office buildings and residential housing is mixed together. And to add to the flair and feeling of an old-town city market, Allen hosts a Farmer's Market there every Saturday.

As for community amenities, Allen spared no expense. There is a large ice skating rink in the city Event Center, with regional hockey and skating lessons offered throughout the year. And when a big-name artist is announced, the rink becomes the arena as well.

The movie theater in Allen is top-of-the-line, a tribute to when moving picture shows were an event. Covered barstools, gourmet cooking, wine, reclining seats and plenty of leg room are the hallmarks of the Allen movie theater. Eight theaters contain less than fifty people each, making each film viewing experience a special one.

Surround the town with almost two hundred golf courses, and you have a recipe for outdoor success and great living conditions. People are turning to Allen because of its open-air, outdoor lifestyle. It's a combination both rare and refreshing in modern America.

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