Things to do in Houston Galore

Arts, anthropology, animals, and aerospace, all in one city? Where, you ask? Houston, Texas, is the place. And it's all here for you to see and visit.

NASA Space Center is probably one of the biggest tourist draws in the Houston area. With its halls of space history and cache of capsules and space suits worn by the astronauts, it is certainly a great attraction. On top of that, Johnson Space Center has plenty of hands-on activities for the little ones.

The attraction doesn't stop at the Space Center, however, it is just starting. Check out the Museum of Natural History for something unique. It's an unusual place that not many will ever get to visit. Walk through the interesting exhibits and see the ancient civilizations of the western hemisphere.

Since we're on the topic of natural history, how about some living natural history? The Houston Zoo and Downtown Aquarium are great sites for people of all ages, especially those with children. With a variety of displays, there are things for the whole family to see and do at the zoo. At the aquarium, enjoy the swamps, shipwrecks, and sharks.

Enjoy The Game of Monopoly - Houston-style

There are so many different things to do and so many sights to see in Houston, it seems overwhelming at first. When you start to put all the sights together, it suddenly starts to look and feel like a monopoly board. So let's play Monopoly Houston.

Just past "Go" is the George Ranch Historical Park. This attraction offers a view of life as it existed in the 1800's, with men and women dressed in period outfits performing the work typical of a rancher of the time. The family can get right in the mix by helping to grind corn into meal, harvest crops, and help with the cows, sheep, and pigs. It's an eye-opener for some of the children who can't even imagine what life might be like without electricity, let alone machinery.

As you progress around the board, you'll go past Bayou Bend and Bayou Place. Round the corner, and wind up heading down museum lane, with all the many and unusual places you'd expect to find in the big city, including arts, history, medical museums, and of course, and next to the corner, the Johnson Space Center and Museum.

After Just Visiting the Jail, you'll move down to the outlying areas, like Houston Zoo, Downtown Aquarium, and Sam Houston Race Track. See the incredible assortment of animals at the zoo, watch the fish and see the exhibits at the aquarium, then head over to the track for some entertainment betting play money on the horse races.

Make the last corner, and you're into the high class sites, the Galleria Mall and Kemah Boardwalk. The Galleria Mall is one of the most high-class malls in the country, and houses the top-end specialty stores you'd expect to see. Celebrities frequent the mall often, so if you land on the space, take some time and look around. Kemah Boardwalk is the center of excitement, just as you would expect any boardwalk to be. Amusements on the midway,including shopping, restaurants, boating, and even a reef are close.

There's a lot to see while playing Houston Monopoly, so roll the dice and get playing.

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