Texas Duck Hunting Guide

Hunting is an incredibly popular activity in Texas. The variety of wildlife and terrain means that there's sport to entice every kind of hunter. Because of its southern location and lake-filled topography, duck hunting here is big. Everywhere from central to south Texas, hunters can take on Mallards, Pintails, Redheads, and Puddle ducks.

Like most states, Texas calls for a hunting license with a "Migratory Game Bird" stamp to hunt ducks. These aren't hard to get, but they can be expensive for out-of-state hunters. There is also a each day restriction on the amount and type of duck you can hunt, and getting a blind set up can take some time as well.

Out-of-state hunters stand the greatest likelihood of success by pairing up with a local Sportsman's Club and acquiring a Hunting Package. In most cases, the lodges will be fixed up with eating and sleeping accommodations, set hunting areas with blinds and dogs, and several will dress and store your kill for your travel back home. They will also help you get set up with the required licenses and permits you may need. Some of the packages may seem expensive, but when you look at everything the club does for you to come and enjoy your duck hunt, they are actually very affordable in price.

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