Tips For Happy Trips With Kids

The memories that are made during family vacations are likely the ones that your kids will hold onto and share with their kids when they are grown. If you take the time to plan for the trip before leaving the house, you can avoid making the memories that they will tell stories about the terrible time they had in the car. The following suggestions will help to inform you of how to prepare for the happy trip with your kids.

As you are mapping out your route, make sure that there are plenty of locations where the kids will be able to get out of the car and stretch their legs. They are not going to want to sit in the car for long periods of time. Be sure that the route includes rest areas or convenience stores where the kids will be able to use the restroom.

Prepare for changes in the plan. You never know when the kids will get ill or when they might need some kind of medical attention. Look up the hospitals in the area so you can mark them out on the map you are using to make it to your destination.

Do not allow your kids to get hungry. Pack healthy snacks that you can feed them while driving down the road. Trail-mix, crackers or fruits could be the things you need to keep your kids full and happy while spending hours in the car.

If you are going far from home, you may want to divide your trip up into a day or two. Do not try to make a fourteen hour trip in one ride. You, your spouse and your kids will all be quite irritable by the time you reach your destination.

Travel during the times of day when traffic is lightest. If you do your research about your route before leaving, you will be able to avoid any regular traffic back-ups along the way. If you know when the traffic is likely to back-up stop and get something to eat while the traffic subsides. Traveling late at night will keep you from running into the most traffic and make it more likely that your kids will sleep for a while.

Once you finally reach your destination, allow the kids the chance to check things out before making them go to the hotel room. They have anticipated the arrival for hours in the car and will be disgruntled if you rob them of the chance to check out the place they have been so excited to see.

Many times, there are local parks that you can use to break up your trip. Your kids can get a chance to get out of the car and burn off some excess energy. You may think that it is slowing the productivity of your trip, but you will be glad when the kids fall asleep in the car because they wore themselves out in the park.

These tips will help you to make your trip a happy trip. Enjoy your family vacation and hold onto the memories you created with your kids forever.

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